5G-6G Facts, Challenges and expectations:

  • 2020-2030 is the 6G decade.
  • The good thing about 2021/2022 is that people stopped asking: is 5G a hype or a reality, because it is a reality already.
  • More than 20% of the 5G is already deployed.
  • G’s are not developing linearly any more (as it was from 1G to 4G).
  • EMBB is already here (at least initially), URLLC and mMTC are not there yet.
  • 4G is already very good in the far eastern and western world, so 5G is facing a big challenge to prove itself better.
  • 5G is having a better opportunity proving itself on the enterprise level (ex. When mixed with IoT and IIoT).
  • Capacity crunch of 4G was already being seen in many countries around the world because of the gaming and streaming applications mainly. This is a good motivation for 5G deployment.
  • 5G is all about communication automation.
  • 6G is supposed to be about communication automation and sensing.
  • Sensing in this field is still not defined clearly (network sensing, humans/computers interaction sensing, the environment sensing, …etc.), these are missed in 5G.
  • How about sending more human senses (touch, smell, and taste) through the 6G?
  • Time synchronization, low latency, AI, …etc. Added to 5G are going to shape how 6G is built.
  • Virtualization and openRAN trends have existed since 2G, but they did not work so far because they are hard to implement.
  • The openness in core networks is already done, but moving to the openRAN is still ongoing.
  • IBM, DELL, INTEL, …etc. Are going to consider themselves as communication providers especially for private networks.
  • C-Band deployments in the US are already having single vendor openRAN, multi vendor openRAN is the next challenge.
  • Right now, many people are considering 5G as an enterprise demand driven network.
  • Testbeds are a good investment to accelerate developing and deploying 5G and beyond and they need to be supported more worldwide.
  • Openness is facing the dilemma of security, some people are still against letting anyone else manage their networks for them.
  • Democratization, openness, softwarization of the CSP are supposed to ease the polarized supply chain (mainly between China from one side and the western world from the other side) at least from the hardware point of view.
  • This can come from India, Africa, Vietnam, or even the middle east!
  • 5G Advanced is already working on many issues with 5G (ex. Adding more AI and automation to the network). 
  • More and more people and governments are realizing the importance of better connectivity, which leads to shortening the time taken to produce new generations.
  • This means that 6G will come sooner than 2030.
  • Prediction for 2022: look to the big cloud players and what they will do to improve the telecom industry.

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