Notes from VTC2018-Fall Chicago

The following comments and information are some of those I found interesting in the last conference I attended (VTC2018-Fall) between 27-30 of August 2018, Hope you will like them and find them useful:

  • by 2020, every company will deploy “5G” and tell you this is the real 5G, but its all bullshit!! they can only provide larger bit rate but all the other promises are still not realizable within this time.

  • 5G can not work without Software Defined Networks (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV).

  • dependability: is the quality of being able to be counted on or relied on.

  • V2X in 4G and 5G: first it was using Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC).

  • release-14 of 3GPP is an LTE based V2X.

  • connected vehicles and automated vehicles are the next big thing.

  • DSRC covers only 200-400 meters and it has some safety issues.

  • V2I: stands for the vehicle to Infrastructure.

  • V2N stands for the Vehicle to Network.

  • LTE for V2X supports up to 350 Km/h speed of vehicles.

  • Body Area Networks (BAN), for soldiers on the battlefield and injured soldiers in temporary health facilities.

  • with mmWave high path loss, you can not cover indoor from outdoor and vice versa.

  • frequencies below 6GHz called FR1, whereas frequencies above 24GHz called FR2.

  • with full 3GPP LoS, NLoS, interference, …etc. we can not go beyond 200 meters for * TXRU, 4 users per station and 15 total number of users per BS sector.

  • 1st generation of 5G will have UE with 8 or 16 antenna elements.

  • IAB stands for Integrated Access and Backhaul.

  • Mixed fiber and backhaul mmWave connection can increase the throughput for both UE and the cellular network.

  • Terahertz communications (lamda = 1mm @ 300 GHz).

  • Massive MIMO means 1024 antenna elements at BS or more.

  • FCC max EIRP is 75 dBm.

  • BMW connected:

  • Marty Cooper:

  • 1.2 Billion people in Africa got rid of severe poverty because of the introduction of mobile phones connected to the internet as they got a virtual banking system.

  • 5G vs. needs of society:

  • how to match society needs with the new technologies?

  • The main issues worldwide that the technology should focus on solving are poverty, education, and healthcare.

  • “More challenged students end up smarter”.

  • Cooper suggests that mmWave allocation be optional and provide connection to suburbans and rural areas then think about providing mmWave to the more dense areas.

  • technology should proceed with what people need and not just what technologists curiosity suggests.

  • older people have more money, they should decide where the technology goes 🙂

  • most products are done by young males to support their needs! and this needs to be changed!!

  • American citizens spend 42 hours on average each year stopping in traffic congestions (about 1400$ wasted gas for no real benefit).

  • check this website:

  • cooper built his first cell phone when he was 45 years old.

  • Julius Knapp the chief of the office of Engineering and Technology at FCC is considered a “national treasure”.

  • mTc stands for machine type communications.

  • M2M is defined in the candidate standard 802.11ah.

  • DCF does not provide QoS.

  • DTMC stands for Discrete-Time Markov Chain.

  • scientific fiction movies have researchers consultants to get input from industry and academia.

  • According to BMW, we need at least 5 years to reach full autonomy cars because of many reasons like customers acceptance.

  • How we think about the future can change our behavior and perception.

  • General research methodology: assume or suggest a problem in a current system, propose to maximize or minimize some factors, form an optimization problem, and solve it.


Finally, some of the videos from the conference can be found in here

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