Everything About GRE

To all my friends who are preparing to take the GRE exam, here is what I got for you 🙂

1- Please find the attached presentation about the GRE test which was one of my homework assignments in the English Language Institute (ELI) in the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. 

click here to reach download page

Also, if you have any question about the presentation or the exam, feel free to ask here in the comments 🙂


2- to well prepare for the exam, you need a lot of helpful sites, apps, books, tips, practice, and the most important thing (vocabulary).

So, here are some useful information that might help you:
1- Download and install the following apps:
– AnkiDroid (for samsung) of any other equivalent Anki applications for I-phones and others from the following website:http://ankisrs.net/.
– Quizlet app from the following website:http://quizlet.com/.
– thesaurus app (which gives the synonyms of the words to help improve vocabulary) from the following site: http://www.thesaurus.com/or from the play store of the other apps markets.
– painless GRE app (from the play store it is free).
– magoosh GRE prep (from the play store it is free partially).
– and you will find a lot of other apps to download and install.
Note: remember that the success in GRE is not in the amount of the apps and books you use but in the quality of what you keep and remember in the test day.
2- practice reading any kind of academic articles or magazines and any other high level writings such as the economics and industrial magazines.
3- Although there are hundreds of books about preparing to the GRE but the most important ones are:
– Barron.
– Kaplan.
– Magoosh.
– and the official guide to the GRE.
so don’t load yourself with hundreds of books without studying them all and instead you can read only one book and it would be enough for you.

3- the third part of this post will be about:



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