To all English Language Learners, this is: How we really Talk

Hello Everyone

Did you ever wonder why some English phrases does not make any sense?

Did you ever get stuck when 2 native English speakers started to talk fast with a lot of ambiguous combinations?

Did you ever want to learn how to speak in English like native speakers?

Did you ever ask a native English speaker about how the combination (set someone off) means (to make someone suddenly angry)? and they answered you that these combinations called (Phrasal verbs)?

If any of the earlier questions apply to you then you should watch this video:

After finish watching the video, you may wonder about how to get more about this?

And the answer is to buy the book below as it is great resource (and I can say the only resource of its type) in explaining a lot of these phrasal verbs in English:

How we really talk using phrasal verbs in English:

You can buy it from amazon on this link.

this book includes all what you need to know about how to deal with phrasal verbs and will help you start understanding new ones that you never encountered before. The book includes also a lot of practice exercises to increase the benefits of it and make sure that you got the idea.

Another book about the same topic will be here soon, and once it is up on the Amazon website, I will add its link here:

The second book will be a shorter version of the first one focusing on the most important things about phrasal verbs without any exercises. So, it is up to you to select which one is better for you 🙂

Also, to contact the author of the book and the speaker in the video above, you can visit her website on the following link:

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