Who I am and Why I am Here?

Hello everyone

This is Mustafa Sadiq Latief Aljumaily, a Computer Engineer from Iraq.

I have been blogging for more than 2 years now and my blog (http://www.mustafasadiq0.wordpress.com/) reached once the Alexa rank of 186000 world wide, but now it is about 323000 world wide.

I was trying to document whatever I learn about my major (computers) at the beginning but then I realized that I have a lot to keep to myself, so I decided to publish all of that publicly online.

So, my goal was from the beginning to study, learn, read, watch different computer science material in different languages (Arabic and English basically) and abstract it or expand it (with simple plain explanation) in Arabic to my people to facilitate reaching the information they need and simplifying the context of those information I shared with them.

With time, I started to like it and it became like addiction to me as I became obsessed  with the number of readers and the Alexa rank and the materials and subjects that attract more people, and it was not for money (my blog is totally free) but it was just nice to have this thing growing everyday like a plant I grew and irrigated everyday 🙂


Thanks a lot for all and feel free to ask, comment, or suggest anything you feel is necessary or helpful.


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